Introduce nobar macaron shabestar company (ebtekar brand)

nobar macaron shabestar company was founded in 1377 by Ibrahim Akbari. company manufactures pasta, spaghetti, and Vermicelli with the name of these brands:ebtekar and Sheila. and opened its new manufacturing unit in the year 1385. the company with two decades of experience,Using advanced equipment and technology to achieve customer satisfaction and quality is laid into production and In this regard take the national standard mark,ISO 1004, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and Halal logo for its products.

With further success,The company managed to launch its Unit No. 2 in 1395, which is fully automatic and the countinous. The unit is equipped laboratory with various laboratories, and by providing quality products daily production of pasta are in this process.We develop high quality products and mass production lines and products with high nutritional value that is varied and thus take a step towards satisfying our customers.